Sarah Bettison

Tamyka has the amazing ability to transform and edit my haphazard words into clear, concise text. She ensures she is staying true to the words I have written, by taking a consultative approach to editing. With her understanding of language and attention to detail, I would recommend Tamyka’s skills to anyone seeking help with technical writing or editing. There is no comparison.

Natasha Daraio

I have had the pleasure of working with Tamyka for the past four years, first as a critique partner while completing our Masters program and since then in a copy editor capacity. Tamyka’s attention to detail and understanding of language is unsurpassed. She has the ability to critique constructively and respectfully in order to make your writing shine, regardless of whether the project is technical writing, business letters or fiction manuscripts. Tamyka is a mentor and editor rolled into one, and I cannot recommend her more highly.

Kirsty McManus

Tamyka recently helped me with a manuscript I’d been working on for a couple of years. I had spent so much time re-reading and re-writing it that I could no longer assess it objectively. Enter Tamyka, and her amazing ability to immerse herself in my story, suggesting things that made the setting and characters more authentic. Her unique approach resulted in me actually laughing out loud and nodding my head while reading her edits because they were so spot on. At times, I felt like she understood what I was trying to achieve better than I did! She even followed up at the end with several very well-thought out answers to a few questions I had. I can’t wait to release my book now and feel much more confident about it being a success. I highly recommend her services and would be happy to talk to anyone considering hiring her.

Sarah Heseltine

Tamyka is a source of invaluable insight, advice and constructive criticism, and would recommend her to anyone seeking to improve the quality of their writing. She’s thorough and always sincere – and provides both useful, practical tips and encouragement. Her feedback is invariably thoughtful and motivating.

Tamara Pearce

Tamyka has provided invaluable editorial advice on several of my writing projects. Most importantly, Tamyka worked with me on the manuscript for ‘Matt, Bridget and Me’, a memoir, which has since been picked up for publishing by Simon & Schuster. Tamyka works on multiple levels, giving feedback and making suggestions on how to improve the work based on both a reader perspective and what she thought I might be trying to do or say as a writer – this is something no-one else has been able to do and helped me exponentially improve my work based on her feedback. Tamyka’s thoughtful and insightful approach is complimented by her attention to the technical details of writing, making her a delight to work with and the enemy of poor grammar or expression. I would highly recommend Tamyka to anyone considering working with her – you need this woman in your life!

Tania Connolly

I had left an email message for someone to contact me. When they didn’t respond and my deadline loomed perilously close I tried other ways to reach them through Facebook, Twitter and Google, all without success. As I began to panic, Tamyka offered to try to find their phone number for me. Within 20 minutes of my forwarding Tamyka the details I had, Tamyka had sent me not only a phone number but an address as well. I still don’t understand how she did it but her research skills are amazing and I was able to contact my interviewee and meet my deadline with time to spare. If you require information that you have no idea how to find, or no time to find, I highly recommend Tamyka Bell.

Kirsty Maclachlan

Everyone should have a Tamyka :)