Keep it clean to keep them keen

I’ve recently posted a few articles on LinkedIn Pulse about recruitment practices and, specifically, job advertisements. There’s a myth in the industry that a bare-minimum job ad will somehow attract the right candidates.

But why would you risk it, when it’s so easy to write a great job ad?

If you’re a startup or small business looking to hire, there’s a good chance your candidates won’t be familiar with your brand. That means your job ad is not only your way to lure the best candidates—it’s also a way to let people know you exist. So don’t faff about—get that copy down on the page and then edit it to within an inch of its life.

Here are some tips I posted on LinkedIn recently that will help you get your job ad ready:

Tips for precise writing

Avoid ambiguity: it’s not enough to just check that your words make sense. Consider other ways your audience might interpret what you’ve written, and think about the implications of a misunderstanding.

Keep it simple: wherever possible, replace long words with short ones—even if it means using a few in a row. And if you’re writing for a general audience, skip the jargon.

Trim the fat: be on the watch for extra words that don’t pull their weight, like really, very, and that. (And maybe avoid clichés like trim the fat…)

Editing pro-tip

Keep a list of your go-to words and phrases so you can find and replace them before you ask anyone for feedback.