Have you got a story to tell, but don’t quite know how to tell it? We can help.

C Word Creative’s ghostwriting service helps you get the most out of your tale while still giving you credit as the author and staying true to your voice. We can ghostwrite anything for print or digital publication—reports, reviews, features, novel manuscripts, short stories, screenplays, stage plays, speeches and even song lyrics—but most clients ask us to ghostwrite memoirs, general non-fiction books, and educational textbooks. Have you ever signed up to a mailing list in order to receive a free e-book? There’s a good chance that book was ghostwritten.

Our ghostwriter will meet with you in person or online to discuss the goals and scope of your project. You’ll agree on how much information you’ll provide, and how much research and interviewing the ghostwriter will do. This meeting is also an important chance for the ghostwriter to get a sense of who you are and how you speak.

The result? A polished publication that sounds just like something you’d say…only better.

Not quite what you were looking for? If you’ve got a lot of written information and need help with structuring your document, check out our editing and manuscript appraisal services. If you’re looking for someone to write documentation for your help desk or user guide, see our page on technical writing.