C Word Creative offers a full suite of professional editing services for books, reports, articles and online content.

We comply with the Institute of Professional Editors’ Australian Standards for Editing Practice.

Structural editing (substantive editing)

Our experienced editor reviews your document for completeness, conciseness, and clarity, suggesting content to add, remove or simplify. We can also cross-check your writing against a publication’s style guide to avoid roadblocks later on.

Copy editing

The editor highlights any language or layout inconsistencies and checks grammar, spelling and punctuation, correcting these if necessary. Copy editing includes thoroughly checking your cross-references to identify where any images, tables, or citations are missing.

Proofreading (line editing)

In the final check before publishing, the editor compares the draft to a previous version to ensure there are no discrepancies, and no spelling, typographical or punctuation errors.

C Word Creative also offers quick turnaround blog post proofing and website editing. If you’re not quite ready for editing, we can help with ghostwriting your story or developing your manuscript.