C Word Creative’s mission is to create clear, concise copy that communicates. We refuse to hide our meaning behind buzzwords, fancy phrasing and pretty pictures. We’ll help you say exactly what you want to your audience, whether it’s a tiny tweet or a 300-page textbook.

We’re honest and responsive, and we respect our customers. We don’t think it’s helpful to under-promise just so we can over-deliver. We prefer to give you a realistic estimate of what we will accomplish, and keep you informed about any changes to our agreed plan. And we never bite off more than we can chew—if we can’t handle the job, we’ll refer you to one of our trusted partners.

We’re based in Brisbane, Australia, but our services are available online globally. So contact us if you’d like to catch up for a chat about how we can help you achieve your communication goals.


Tamyka Bell, Writer and Editor

TamykaTamyka is a writer, editor, and tech enthusiast who will test-drive any new writing tool at least once. She tested out a lot of different jobs, too—retail assistant, physicist, sport scientist, army officer, equities analyst, general manager, business analyst—before deciding to pursue her passion for words.

She holds a Bachelor of Science (Physics) and a Master of Arts (Writing) and is a member of the Institute of Professional Editors, the Australian Society of Authors and the Queensland Writers Centre.

Her favourite jobs are manuscript development and ghostwriting, where she gets to ‘clarify and amplify other people’s voices’. When it comes to her own voice, she prefers to save it for thought-provoking discussions of how to apply skills and techniques from other fields to improve our experience of writing, editing, and reading.